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New to meditation?

Seasoned practitioner?

Take my meditation challenge! 

Consider it an experiment.

Maybe you can increase your capacity to focus and pay attention. You may find yourself feeling less anxious, more calm, and quiet. Perhaps you will begin to cultivate compassion, and that will serve you, and those around you. By sitting every day you will practice patience, and that will serve you for a lifetime. You will certainly feel the benefit of setting out to do something, and doing it. The satisfaction of completing  a difficult task can not be underestimated and that alone may be worth your time and effort. 

I’ll guide you. 

It’s quite simple, and yet, not simple at all. 

Here is a link to my free 10 day meditation challenge. You can listen to the recordings in any order, or select one you like and listen to it again and again.

Sit with me for 10 days.

I invite you to join me on this incredible journey.

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